Draft Program

The indicative program for Plasticity Malaysia as at 16 April 2018


8.00  Registrations Open: Meet fellow delegates over coffee

8.30  Welcome and Opening

8.40  KEYNOTE: The Plastics Circular Economy Theory Versus Practice – Global, Regional and Local Perspectives

8.55  KEYNOTE: Waste Stream Economics and Trade – One year on from the Chinese National Sword 

9.20  KEYNOTE: Demand Led Trends (End-markets for Recovered Plastic) – Consumer and Regulatory Future Landscape 

9.35  KEYNOTE: Input Trends – The Future Plastics Coming to Market

9.50  KEYNOTE: Supply Driven Trends – Centralisation or Decentralisation and Policy Mechanisms 

10.05  PANEL 1: The Plastic Marketplace and Circular Economy 

10.25  Morning Tea


10.45  Keynote - Sponsored Speaker on Designing for Recovery

11.00  4-6 Case Studies – i.e. innovative uses of adhesives and labels; disassembly; substitution of virgin; consumer perceptions; food grade  

PANEL 2: Designing for Recovery

12.10  Lunch


12.50  Keynote - Sponsored Speaker on Collecting for Recovery

1.05  4-6 Case Studies – type specific collection; technology for mass sorting; technology for decentralised sorting; transport and trading

 PANEL 3: Collecting for Recovery 


2.15  Keynote - Sponsored Speaker on End-markets for Recovered Plastics

2.30  4-6 Case Studies – new markets; new businesses; entrepreneur; MNE 

 PANEL 4: Developing End-markets

3.30  Afternoon Tea

3.50  Green Finance: Accessing Capital for sustainable businesses 

4.30  PANEL 5: Plastic Circular Economies of the Future 

5.20  Close


5.30  Networking Drinks